A September of Sorrows Part 2 9-15-17

“A Prophetic Update to A September of Sorrows”


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America, I have given you time and space to repent, but you refuse! You look to your stars

(both Hollywood and the Universe) and leaders for answers, but their help is vain! Watch Me now as I move across the earth, releasing My judgement upon the nations. I will deal with the Sheep and Goats (Nations

), the wheat and the tares, for I know My Possession, and who is My Adversary!

I will judge and I will separate, for this IS the hour of My Revelation. There will be no denial to those who know TRUTH! I will make my intentions as clear as the day.

My Word reveals My Plans for man, yet you reject its validity! Mock as you want, reject as you may, but I will be justified in these final days! Prepare for your day of trial and judgment. Prepare for the testing of your soul! America, you haven’t repented, therefore I will not relent! The pressure you are feeling is the result of your sin. You are stiff necked and of a rigid heart, but you are not the first nor the last rebellious nation that I have dealt with!

My Rod of Correction is upon you, My Hand is steady, and My Mind is determined to deal with the wickedness of this land!

An Internal revolution is coming to your cities, birthed out of judgement and despair! Your cities will be on fire to match the fire of your lust and want for sin. You will turn pale as your beauty fades and your glory of yesterday flashes as a falling star! You will weep and you will howl, for the days of calamity are upon you!

What will you do and who will you call as you behold your nation fall?! My Grace extends as an Ark of Safety to those who will take hold of My Hand!

I knock-but no answer!

I Shake- but no movement towards Me!

I look- and I find few who truly believe that I AM!

(The Father spoke to me Revelation 17 as the bases of this word. We are Mystery Babylon!) These events will increase and intensify if we as a nation do not repent! September is the wakeup call!

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