America, R.I.P! 11-19-17

“America, R.I.P!”

Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The funeral for a nation that has rejected Me has begun! The nations of the earth are attending her wake! The season of decay has set in and many will flee her side!

Wrapped in the grave clothes of lust, greed, and violence, America lies in State, but few realize; her stench I can hardly bear! You wave your flags of old glory, but you refuse to embrace My Glory, My Presence that brought your armies and nation victory. You are poisoned by deception and you are confused by your success, you think – “I sit on a hill, my light shines so bright, but it was

I WHO GAVE YOU LIGHT for all the world to see, you were merely a reflection, an amber, a spark of WHO I AM!

Listen carefully My Righteous Church, soon you will see My Glory revealed, soon you will experience My Presence without measure! I will add to My Church, My Body will grow-this growth will be for a quick work-and a quick Harvest will be revealed to My Servants who are willing to work in My Fields!”

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