Death Row! 11-24-19

“Death Row!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America you have been tried and found guilty- your sentencing is final- your crimes are fatal; death row is your condemnation! There are no appeals for you have rejected My process; Repentance, forgiveness, and restoration!

Your last meal is before you, yet you think it’s a feast, a party, a celebration of your freedom! But you have no idea this meal is your last meal! What you have ordered, I’ve given you. Your request has been made sure, a plate of plenty, and a lean soul!

These are the conditions of an Empire who has failed- a nation in decline, a prisoner who has succumbed to his crime.

America, I have pleaded with you to return unto Me, but you refused to hear My call.  Your pardon was before you but you refused it for a bowl of pottage!” (Genesis 25)


Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 14) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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