Dirty Laundry 12-29-19

“Dirty Laundry!”

A Prophetic Warning


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America you are a house of filth, yet you can’t see it- your land is a stench of murder, greed, blood shed, and strife- yet you can’t smell it!

Behold I stand at he crossroads of your existence, waiting for you to realize the mess you are in. Yet you foolishly pass by Me, ignoring Me, rejecting Me and denying My existence. I say to a fool in his folly, beware of the next steps you take, for your foundations are weaker than you think,  and your walls are weaker than you know, and soon both will be tested!

Wake up My Church, come out of the house of filth that your nation has become! Be clean, be separate, and be Holy, and I will receive you unto Myself!”


Scripture reference for this message is (Amos 2) To watch or listen to this message got to www.ignitedchurchlife.com or You Tube https://youtu.be/xl0v6wqE6HY

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