“Get into your Position!”

“Get into your Position!”

Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth





“There is coming a shaking so strong to the nations that only those who are secured and anchored in their position of faith will survive!

My Remnant has been called to a place of serving and a place of purpose in this last hour. Do what you do, with what you have been given. Be instant, in season and out of season, always producing fruit!

You will not get yesterday back, it is gone with the wind, but your fruit will remain! Work while it is yet day, listen and be aware of My warnings! Watch Israel and watch Jerusalem, but prepare My Bride for the tribulation to come! Warn My Sheep not to sleep and reap My final harvest!

I will pour out My Spirit on you and through you. You haven’t seen anything yet that I have planned for those who love Me and obey Me!”

(Scripture references: Main text for sermon Luke 8)

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