Prophetic Dream given to Judah Faircloth

Prophetic Dream given to Judah Faircloth (9 years old)

 Judah, my 9-year-old son received this dream on 10-31-16. My corrections and input are indicated by bold italicized words.

“I was walking out of church (Ignited Church, Lavonia Georgia) and I fell down (in the Spirit) and my eyes were closed, but I saw something. I saw the idol of DAGON fall before the ARK (of the Covenant). Then a Lamb appeared clothed in gold, silver, and fine purple linen. I asked (the Lamb) who will win the election? The Lamb said, “All I can say is don’t expect Trump to win, and the rest is in the Lord’s hands”. The Lamb said, “Also be of courage and be strong, for the Lord does not abandon His people.”
Then I saw crosses spread everywhere (in front of Ignited Church). Some were broken, black, and had written on them, “The Church” in dark letters. Others were gold crosses and had written on them “The Church after the election” in gold letters.”  Then I woke up.

Pastors notes: We are in the midst of the greatest refiner’s fire moment in Church history! I pray you take heed to the warnings of the Father, and prepare for the coming Glory! Our protection and provision rests within Hs Glory!

Malachi 3:1-4

1.Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts. 2. But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: 3. And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. 4. Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD, as in the days of old, and as in former years.

Prophetic Dream of His Coming Glory

Prophetic Dream

Given to Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

By Ms. Dagnet Worjloh


The following is a dream that was given to Ms. Dagnet Worjloh who is a faithful watchman of the Lord. I released this dream with the full interpretation to Ignited Church on 11-2-16. You can find the message by going to our website or our YouTube channel. Please pray over this dream and ask the Father how it applies to your life! No matter the pain, and no matter the problems that are before us as a nation, the Glory of God is coming to His Church!

“I had this dream in the afternoon on Sunday October 16, 2016. I was in your church sitting on the front row about to minister. The praise and worship team were singing the last song before I was to come up to minister. As they were wrapping up the song I told them please do not abruptly end the worship. Let’s slowly ween into my message.

Then I got to the pulpit, I joined the worship team and I lifted my hands and told the entire congregation to join me in worship because the Lord is here. I began to exalt Him. Within a few minutes, I mean less than five minutes the physical, visible, tangible glory cloud of God filled the ceiling of the sanctuary. It was where the altar is. The entire front of the altar / pulpit area was filled with the glory. It was so thick where you couldn’t see the ceiling anymore. So, I told the worship team let’s continue worshiping. The Lord is here, and He wants to do something.

As we continued worshipping, out of the glory cloud begin to fall pieces of diamonds, all different sizes, shapes and colors. When the diamonds fell, the audience looked up at me as if asking can we take it. I said to them of course take it. It’s all yours. Everyone rushed to the front and took as much as they needed. Each person had enough.

After they went back to their seats, pieces of gold and silver, different sizes began to fall from the glory cloud. The congregation gave me the same look as if asking can we take it? I said yes of course take it it’s yours. Everyone rushed to the front and took as much as they needed. Each person had enough.

After that gold and silver coins began to fall from the glory cloud. The congregation give me the same look as if asking can we take it? I said yes of course take it it’s yours. Everyone rushed to the front and took as much as they needed. Each person had enough.

Finally, money paper money/bills began to fall from the glory cloud. $20, $50, & $100 bills began to fall from the glory cloud. The congregation gave me the same look as if asking can we take it? I said yes of course take it it’s yours. Everyone rushed to the front and took as much as they needed. Each person had enough.

All the while pastor was standing on the stage a few inches away from me but he never picked up anything. At the end of my worship service, the audible voice of the Father spoke to me and said, “I have placed three large pieces of diamonds in your pocket. One in your right pocket, one in your left and one in your back pocket.” Each of the diamonds weigh three to five pounds. They were oval in shape and clear, crystal clear. You could see right through them.

He said place one of the diamond in pastor hand and tell him this one is for him to pay the building off so he does not have to worry about bills. I want him to Focus on what I’ve called him to do. So, I called pastor to come over, and I did as the Father instructed me.

Then the Father told me to take the second diamond and place it in his wife’s hand. So, I asked pastor where is your wife? She was in the back room or office. I told him please bring her. I placed the second diamond in her hand and told her this was to pay their monthly expense so she does not have to worry about bills. She began to cry tears of joy and gave me a huge motherly hug and kiss right on my cheek.

Then the Father told me the third piece of diamond was for me. I stepped off the stage and then I woke up”.  End of Dream.

Ministry contact and information

Ms. Dagnet Worjloh

Warriors in Training Clashing of Swords Warriors in Training Prayer Boot Camp.  We pray daily 3-6 hours, & every Friday we have an all-night Tarry/ Vigil Praying for our nation, family, church to turn back to God. Prayer is the air I breathe.

Double Vision

“Double Vision”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


America, the Spirit of Confusion rests upon you!  You are blinded to the reality of this hour.  The pronouncement of judgement is upon you, yet you refuse to accept My terms and offering of reprieve!  You won’t bow so you must burn!

The fire of revolt and indignation will rage within your streets!  You’ve parted ways with Me, now I will part ways with you!  My judgement will be swift; My word is sure and I will bring you to your knees! Your rebellion has brought you to this place!

Church, whose report will you believe? You have been deceived to believe that I will wink and turn the other way!  Your preachers have prostituted you into believing a political solution will cure your country. Your nation has been under judgement but you still refuse to repent.  You lift a man above My word.  You exalt sin and the arm of the flesh to save you – you heap accolades upon flesh and blood, refusing to accept My terms and offering of reprieve.  There is an hour of reckoning coming, there is a price to pay for the sin of this nation and for the backslidden church! I have a cure – I Am the Cure! 

Pastor’s Prophetic Update on the 60 day Word


A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


As many of you know, the Father spoke to me on August 28, 2016 that America would suffer a heart attack that would affect the economy of our nation (and the world’s economy). I believed this heart attack would be brought on by some type of act of terrorism, natural disaster, or some type of manmade event. You can go to my website or to read the word in its entirety.  You can also hear it here

We are now at the conclusion of that 60-day window. Has there been a heart attack in America or palpitations in the world? Are there signs showing that our heart and health conditions are failing? I believe these questions and more can be answered by simply reviewing the news over the past 60 days, and not just looking at the Stock Market as an indicator. Like a heart attack, some signs are missed or ignored. In fact, many heart attack patients are told by their doctors they had many attacks that they were never aware of until the big one hits them! We are in the same condition. There is not enough space on this post to discuss all the near misses, hits, and unseen and unknown events that have taken place in the last 60 days. Including a just released report that we had a near miss incident in Syria involving a Russian fighter jet that could have given us more than a heart attack; how about a decapitation!

We are a sick nation that is gasping for our last breath like a terminally ill patient on their deathbed! There is no doubt about that, whether you look at this prognosis from a sin view, political view, or financial view; we are gravely ill.

My intentions are not to defend or explain the exact word for word fulfillment of that word but to share with you what the Father told me on this 60th day and what it is coming to America, but more than that; it will reveal His heart towards humanity. I pushed everything away today and made time to speak with the Father in prayer. I had questions about this word and came to Him with a repentive heart asking Him if I missed Him on this one. We must recognize and accept that we only know in part (1 Corinthians 13:9) and what He reveals through the prophetic, is a great gift and honor. It is also a huge responsibility given to the Church. I do not and never will take that lightly. I do not take any of my relationship with you as the Body for granted or halfhearted. I truly love you and consider it a privilege to serve you.

As I went through my repenting and being transparent with the Father, He impressed within my heart the word DELAYED! Then spoke the following words to me to share with you. The Father said,

“3 major events that were to be larger in scale but were lessened by prayer.

1.     New Jersey and New York terrorist bombings. (He said there were more planned).

2.     Swarms of earthquakes in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area. (go research how concerned the experts are about these swarms and the running data of quakes in these areas. The experts are warning any day now!)

3.     Hurricane Matthew. (Florida was on track to take a direct hit, but God!)

After speaking these things, the Father shared the following warning.

“Because I have delayed these blows of judgment does not mean that I have changed my mind. The scales are weighed heavier now against this nation! For there is no thanksgiving and repentance for the acts of My Mercy! My benevolence is weighed in the balances of justice and America is found wanting! It is My Goodness that leads men to repentance but I have been mocked! But I will not be mocked much longer. The sewer caps of your city streets will soon reveal what’s beneath the heart of America!”

Family of God, all I can tell you is that we dodged a bullet, for now. The Father was merciful to us as a nation, but don’t be fooled, judgement delayed is never judgment denied. Prepare accordingly because I believe His time of looking the other way is over!


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