Summer Storms! 6-4-17

“Summer Storms!”


A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“The time to take shelter has come! It is an hour where no reprieve can be found! Judgement begins in My House; the fool says in his heart there is no God, but I will stand and be counted among the nations!

I will arise and My Glory shall be seen, I will manifest Myself in ways not seen in your day! I will be glorified and justified!

There is a great shaking coming to the nations, a realignment of old factions and allies of past wars. You are witnessing the ingathering of global war! This Summer season will be hot, but the lust for war will be hotter! The seams of sanity will come unglued and you will see the madness of the world! I have warned and I have called, yet there are few who are truly taking their shelter in Me!”

(The scripture references for this word; Jeremiah 13 and 14)

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War Zone! 5-28-17

“War Zone!”

A Prophetic Message


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“The clouds of war and uncertainty are gathering across the land! The world trembles and quakes at the sound of war and great tumult. Nations are rising against nations, yet My Church sleeps on! The battlefield is being prepared, sides are being chosen, yet My Church dreams on! This is the hour of war! There will be no peace without Me says your God! The false peace of the Anti-Christ and of his government is coming, yet My Church moves on; from fantasy to fantasy-fable to fable, trusting in a lie!

Your land is cursed beneath your feet, yet you deny; the air you breath is cursed, yet you reject the reality of your hour! War is coming to America! The scales have been weighed and your nation has been found wanting!”


The scripture reference is Matthew 24

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The Naked Truth! 5-21-17

The Naked Truth!

A Prophetic Message


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“Nakedness is coming to America! The hour of the whore is almost over. The time of revealing has come. I will expose this nation and her nakedness will be revealed!

There is no place to hide, no covering to be sought, but Me! I will reveal and I will heal but you must abide in Me!

The testing of My Church is coming, I will verify the virginity of My Bride. I will know if she has been true; for this is the hour of My Revelation, My Appearance, and My Habitation! As your nation burns, I will abide among My People, I will lead her through her deep and dark waters of peril. I will provide to those who call upon My Name and I will resist the rescue of the prideful and stout of heart!    

I am coming say your Lord and God. In one hand a Sickle and the other a Sword; Harvest time and War time has come to your nation!

(The scripture refence for this message is Jeremiah 13)

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Time’s Up! 5-14-17

“Time’s Up!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The hour of judgment is upon the land-yet man refuses to accept My Grace, He flaunts his sin day to day in My face. I offer My plan of Grace, yet he moves further and further from My will!

The fall of this nation has been sealed, by the blood of innocent blood, it has been revealed!

The stench of murder, sedition, and rebellion echoes in My courts, man has become a god unto himself. He has abandoned My laws and ways, he has made a kingdom unto himself. But I will correct his prideful rule with My hot rod of iron, fierce and swift will My judgement come, and few there will be who will stand strong! This is not an hour to relax and say’ “I’ve increased, look at my gain”, for surely in that day I will require of all men to pay!

Watch for you know not the hour or the day that My judgments will commence, but just as summer arrives, you know they are near!”

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