The Main Event! 1-7-18

“The Main Event!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The scene is set, the players are in place, it is time for the Main Event! As the world sleeps and slumbers in ignorance, the enemies of mankind work overtime!

The seeds of sin are reaching maturity in the fields of great slaughter, death is coming to the nations; Great fear to those who abandoned the TRUTH. Their numbers (collateral damage) have been marked by those who have NO CARE for life or the pursuit of peace! Their plans are ready to go!

I have warned and I have pleaded with this nation to abandon your course of destruction. My prophets have warned, yet few respond to the calling of the coming MAIN EVENT!

This event will be nuclear in nature, a response to your system of life! A plan that has been held back, will now surely be released! The season is upon you, the hour drawleth nigh! Look towards Israel to see the ignition of this event. Division equals destruction, and death is the fruit of betrayal!

Think not that My Grace has lost the power to save. My Grace is sufficient to sustain all who choose to embrace its cleansing power!

Who will you choose? Baal or My Beloved Son? Today-NOW is the day of salvation!

I say, watch Israel!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 21) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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2018 The Year Of The Great Falling Away! 12-31-17


“The Year of the Great Falling Away!”

Revelation 15

(2018 will be the prelude)



During the Yom Kippur season, I take time to get away with the Father to hear what He is saying for the coming year. Over the past several years, He has revealed many things that have come to pass, including the theme of the year. He also revealed to me that many prophetic events are not placed in a bookend type of fulfillment but are evolving. Seeds of events start to sprout and over time we see the fruit of it. I pray these words will give you hope in the fact the Father is speaking to His servants, and that He loves so much He warns us so we may prepare for the coming storms!


“This is the year that men’s hearts will turn far from Me even within My own House! They will give them selves over to seducing spirits and doctrine of devils. They will parade their vileness as never before. They will trample My Word and they will violate My Truth. Shock and Awe will come to the American Church as I judge her! My Rod (of Correction) is ready to execute My Sentence, and to mete out (to pour) My Wrath (anger). Many will forsake Me this year. Many will reject this side of Me, because they were falsely taught as children. They were raised in error by their shepherds, pastors, and leaders!

This is the hour that I will reveal Myself to My Remnant, My True Church, My Faithful Bride.

Persecution of My Bride will arise and increase this year. You will be hated for My Names sake. Even your brothers and sisters who once walked with you, will abandon you. They will be blinded and they will refuse to accept My Judgment.




Fear is coming to America! The cloak of pride will be removed and she will terrible at her exposure! Naked! Abandoned! FEARFUL will be her banner, as her enemies consume her because of her lust! I have waited for the cries of repentance to arise, but her mouth is too full to speak! Her ears are full of the sounds of the underworld, that she cannot hear My Warnings!

Death to a nation! Death to a nation! Death to a nation! Is what I’ve said, but she has rejected My every warning and every prophet’s declaration of doom!

(It was though America was talking) Who are you so small, that dares tell me, who lives so large and so tall.

But I say to you oh Queen of Pride, your land I will surely divide! You’ve touched the apple of mine eye and for that I have devised a plan that will cause you to fret. Think not that I warn in vain for I will visit this nation with just judgment and pain!





The controversies of nations will arise and make billows towards the clouds of the sky. Placement and position, rearranging of the tables. This is the setup for the antichrist to arrive! Nation will be at war with nation, subduing and being subdued, all for the setup of the King of Persia to arise!

I’m releasing war on the earth, the Black Horse shall prevail, death and destruction will be the daily news; but I witnessed it first and recorded it in My Word, but few believe that this will arrive in their hour of living!

Behold I come! My Reward is with Me, but as I have said, I will judge My House and the nations first! Be ready, Be Sober, for soon the earth will experience tribulation not know since the beginning of time!


Ignited Church


This is your hour to flourish! GROW, GROW, GROW, and reach beyond what you can ask or think! For I will do the impossible, the incredible, and the amazing in you this year! I will cause the world to look your way! They will hear an unusual sound coming from this place! It will be the sound of TRUTH! You will witness the book of Acts within these walls and within the streets of your town!

Get ready for Me to expose you to the world, I WILL, because I know you will give Me My Glory, you will tell My Story, and you will not be ashamed of My Cross!

Live large in Me this year, hold nothing back, and I will give you everything you need to succeed in My Kingdom!


The Boomerang of God! 12-31-17

“The Boomerang of God!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The vile and the lustful heart cries for more! This nation knows no limits, it has no boundaries to her sin! MORE -MORE- MORE is the chant of her mouth and the beatings of their hearts!

A river can never satisfy a hungry man’s thirst, nor can a field of barely satisfy a thirsty man’s hunger!

This is contrary, this is not normal (referring to the above play of words); neither is life in this nation! You call good evil, and evil good, you live in darkness, yet you crave the light of success!

America, you are living life upside down! You have forsaken Me, but you embrace Baal! You pursue peace with your words, yet you arm yourselves for war! You think I can’t see beyond your thin veil of former glory, embers of yesterdays fire. Don’t be fooled! I AM not mocked, what a nation has sown in secret, will be revealed in the open! My Exposure happening in this hour, is a clearing of the books, an opening of the accounts, for I will be justified when I pour out My Righteous Indignation upon a vile and lustful nation!

Prepare for war and prepare for the consequences of false pretenses rooted in false gain!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 14) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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The Gift! 12-24-17

“The Gift!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The time has come for the nations to consider the hour of their existence! To realize the days are growing shorter. My time to deal with the Gentiles is coming to an end, and few realize it is at their door!

Finish your work with haste! Finish your task at hand, for soon the flood gates of Grace will swing wide open, releasing man’s fate! You have been given a gift, a lease on life, but many fail to see how precious this gift is; few take advantage of this treasured gift! My Gift to man has limits, and it is sought after like a man’s last breath. This gift is TIME!

Reflect and realize that this is the hour and day of Salvation and Grace. Realize and ponder that what you have is more precious than silver and gold, it is the GIFT OF TIME!

TIME is running out for the foolish, for those who think they control the hour glass of reality!

Don’t waste TIME!

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 22) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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