A September of Sorrows Part 2 9-15-17

“A Prophetic Update to A September of Sorrows”


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America, I have given you time and space to repent, but you refuse! You look to your stars

(both Hollywood and the Universe) and leaders for answers, but their help is vain! Watch Me now as I move across the earth, releasing My judgement upon the nations. I will deal with the Sheep and Goats (Nations

), the wheat and the tares, for I know My Possession, and who is My Adversary!

I will judge and I will separate, for this IS the hour of My Revelation. There will be no denial to those who know TRUTH! I will make my intentions as clear as the day.

My Word reveals My Plans for man, yet you reject its validity! Mock as you want, reject as you may, but I will be justified in these final days! Prepare for your day of trial and judgment. Prepare for the testing of your soul! America, you haven’t repented, therefore I will not relent! The pressure you are feeling is the result of your sin. You are stiff necked and of a rigid heart, but you are not the first nor the last rebellious nation that I have dealt with!

My Rod of Correction is upon you, My Hand is steady, and My Mind is determined to deal with the wickedness of this land!

An Internal revolution is coming to your cities, birthed out of judgement and despair! Your cities will be on fire to match the fire of your lust and want for sin. You will turn pale as your beauty fades and your glory of yesterday flashes as a falling star! You will weep and you will howl, for the days of calamity are upon you!

What will you do and who will you call as you behold your nation fall?! My Grace extends as an Ark of Safety to those who will take hold of My Hand!

I knock-but no answer!

I Shake- but no movement towards Me!

I look- and I find few who truly believe that I AM!

(The Father spoke to me Revelation 17 as the bases of this word. We are Mystery Babylon!) These events will increase and intensify if we as a nation do not repent! September is the wakeup call!

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No PEACE! 9-10-17


A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America, because of your sin and rebellion, your throne of luxury will be turned to briars, thorns, and thistles! Your comfort and arrogance shall be removed! You’ve entered a season of discomfort, a time of sorrows and disappointment!

The hour is late and the evening is drawing nigh, but My People are not ready! For their lamps have no oil, and their wicks have not been trimmed! In foolishness they party in vanity, and they lay in mischief; they don’t see and are ignoring My Calls!

What will you do in your day of calamity? Where will you go when your comfort vanishes? Sit and weep oh nation of blasphemies! Howl and groan for the bed YOU”VE MADE!”

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Testing, Testing 1,2,3! 9-3-17

“Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America your time of testing is here, your day of reckoning has arrived! You are faced with 2 choices, repent and live or reject and die!

My Truth has been proclaimed, but you refuse to embrace it, My Promises have been made but you deny they exist!

This is your hour of testing, will your serve Me or Baal? This is your day of salvation; will you accept it or refuse to hear My Prophets?

I have weighed you in the balances and you are lacking! You kill My Prophets with slander, but they are your only voice of hope!

Behold I stand at the door and knock, choose this day! Receive My Grace! For My Judgment is here, yet My Arms are still open. My House is not yet full, there is room for those who seek My Shelter!”


As I pondered this word the Father revealed to me, He gave me the total understanding of it.

Test#1 was Hurricane Harvey Did America repent in mass over this clear act of judgment? No! FAILED!

Test #2 will be Hurricane Irma. My notes (whether it hits the USA or not, are we crying out to the Father over the prospects of it hitting us? Will we repent if it does?) TBA…we will find out soon.

Test #3

A dip in the Economy (is coming) …. a prop will fall.
My notes: This will not be a “crash” (yet) but a noticeable dip. Something will break that will cause a prop to fall that is holding this fragile economy together.  The cause could be war, earthquakes, housing market, auto industry, just pick your poison. I do not know and was not shown the cause.

TBA…. we will soon find out.

I asked the Father why all of this? He replied to me, “I want to shake the vine for what is mine!” The Father is allowing this shaking for His people to finally wake up! To be revived and to come alive in their pursuit of Him! He is pursuing the backslider, the fence ridders, and tender hearted that are far from Him. I asked the Father What if we don’t pass the test, He replied, “The house of cards will fall!” Take this word to the Father in prayer and prepare your hearts and home!

(The scripture refence for this message is Mark 6)

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A September of Sorrows! Prophetic Warning! 8-30-17

“A September of Sorrows!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




On August 29th around 6:00 am during my morning prayer time, I was inquiring of the Lord what He wanted me to say during my interview with Lyn Leahz; which was scheduled for later that day. He showed me that He wanted me to continue His warnings from the past few weeks, especially Ezekiel 7.  His purpose for this is to show America the reoccurring evil that is coming which is the domino effect of judgment. I was pondering His direction, when I heard these words, “A September of Sorrows!” I asked the Father was this for America only and He replied that it would be globally as well. I had to leave my time of prayer, and could not further pursue this word but it didn’t leave my mind. I released that portion of the word on my interview with Lyn Leahz. I inquired some more of the Father later in the day and He gave me Jeremiah 10. This is a powerful chapter, please read it thoroughly.

It is now 2:00 am on August 30, 2017 and the Father has given me the completion of this word. This is a warning. This is a signal to get your affairs in order. This is an alarm ringing for those who did not go back to sleep. All I can say is that the Father has been speaking very clearly to this ministry that there will be no going back to what used to be. The fictional world of Mayberry on TV is gone! The hour is late and the stakes are the highest they can be. The rewards are for the souls of humanity, for these souls to embrace the lifesaving message of the CROSS!


“Son of man, speak to the 4 corners of your nation and declare to My Backslidden Sheep; I have an issue with their sin!

 I hear the sound of violence, I hear the sound of tumult and turmoil! I hear the sound of destruction! I hear the sound of distress!

The inhabitants of the earth have no fear of My Name, the people of My Planet still mock My Son, and scorn His Cross! I have waited for the sound of praise to spring forth from the earth. I have endured the seasons of sin, till now!

I will arise, and I will release the floods of your enemies. They will come out of the secret, and dark places. Like scorpions from their hidden places they will strike! Vengeance is mine and I will repay those who mock My Name, My Salvation, and My tolerance of Grace!

I am not as you oh man of the dust! I AM above and you are beneath. You travail for nothing. Without Me you labor for false gain, but I will prevail over the works of your hands! I will arise and reveal to the nations that I AM!

Great sorrow is prescribed for this month of September. It will be a month, and a time to remember that I AM! For calamity will strike the heart of man, and great fear will be released in the land; yet I will remain as I AM, My Arms will be open to those who will turn towards Me!

My Arm is not too short, and My Eyes are not blind that I cannot see those who truly embrace Me!

What will you do in your day of calamity? Where will you go in the time of distress?”

(My notes: I hope the recent events in America have shaken you to your core. From the continuous loss of our military through unexplained accidents (here and globally) to civil unrest in our cities, racism accelerating, the opium epidemic in America, the North Korea threat of war (including China, Iran, and Russia) Hurricane Harvey, one of the worst natural disaster in recent history, and the vilest rainstorm we’ve ever encountered, of which the carnage is still unfolding as I type this word. The list can and does go on and on. My point is, you are either in denial or you just simply reject the judgement side of a Holy and Righteous God. I feel for you, because you are going to miss what the Father has planned for the nations. You may very well be caught up in the whiplash of what is coming. Sadly, you will miss the greatest harvest this earth has ever seen! The former and the latter rain is coming, (Hosea 6:3, Joel 2:23, Haggai 2:9) and it will be harvest time in the midst of judgment! What will you do when it all goes down? Will you hide in your “stuff” or will you run to the frontlines and reap the final harvest? I know what I’m going to do! Hope to see you on the frontlines!)

For the Harvest,

Benjamin Faircloth

Senior Pastor

Ignited Church, Lavonia, GA


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