Critical Mass

“Critical Mass!”

Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The veil that has hidden the sin of this nation has been lifted, her nakedness has been exposed! In My balances of Righteousness, she has been weighed and she has been found wanting. Yet she refuses to admit her need of a Savior. Blinded by her lusts, she longs for more!

There has been no repentance seen from Heaven, yet My church walks in pride as though she is in a parade; see – look what we’ve done! We’ve changed the White House, while she tends to My House, treating it like a whore house! Full of idolatry and sin, she attempts to blend in to the world! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the shaking will come and many will find Me when it is done! Laugh and scoff at these warning; but soon the sound of mourning will be heard!”

(Scripture references: Romans 8)

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A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“The stench of the pride of man has reached My Throne! Arrogant of his folly, ignorant of his price to pay! Man, flaunts his sin before My Face; I desire sacrifice and worship, but you would not! I desire relationship but you reject My Invitation!

Oh America, you have chosen idols over Me; luxury over sacrifice, Pride over humility.

You will be broken! You will fall from your high and haughty position of pride. Pride always proceeds the fall and yours is on full parade!

Church – Remove your foot from the place of pride- anything that exalts itself above Me and My Word, to you it is sin!  It is the poison of Babylon that you must resist.  Sleep on and be foolish if you desire.  But My True Church knows Me and I know them.  They will surely obey My warnings and heed My calls!”  

(Scripture references for this message: Jeremiah 19, Psalm 51:7, Proverbs 16:18, Matthew 21: 44) You can hear and view this message at our website or our YouTube channel

The Great Setup!

“The Great Setup!”


A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“The stage has been set and the script has been written, the players are in position, action will now begin!

The fantasy of reprieve and the ludicrous(ness) of a wink has been removed from the opening act; the time for the main drama and theme has come!

America your prosperity is the prop that will surely fall! Church you have been played as a fool; your part is worn and tired, yet you choose to join the set, only to realize you been set up! You’ve trusted in a lie, that will be revealed in the final act!

It’s too late to change your mind, IF you have bought the line that all is great-all is well! For soon the sound of the closing act will be heard and this act of comedy will end with great drama!”

(Scripture references for this message: Jeremiah 21, 2 Chronicles 32:20-21)

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A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The fate of America has been sealed by the kiss of betrayal! Betrayed by the lust and love of money, the Church has denied the power of Truth and has been infiltrated by those who pretend to be faithful to the Truth; yet practice the sin of false witness, tale bearing, and false hope!

I was injured in a house of a friend, yet I forgave. Now I’m being betrayed within My own House by those who say they love Me, but their hearts and actions are far from Me!

I will visit this House and I will restore the Vessels of honor in their right place! I will sweep and fully clean My House with Fuller’s soap and with the fire of My Presence! I will deal with My House, says the Lord. I will thoroughly purge Her floor. Then I will abide within, then I will inhabit the praises of My People!

(Scripture reference for this message is Psalm 11:3, Matthew 26:14-16, Luke 22:3, Mark 14:17-21, 43-47, Hebrews 6)

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