The Time to Reap has Come!

“The Time to Reap has Come!”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America your cup of iniquity is full and overflows deep into the streets of your nation. You have mocked me and my ways, you have sown into the wind but you never expected the whirlwind. You have polluted My innocent children with your Babylonian witches and spells. You Have cast lots and have performed sacrifices to determine who will lead this nation and you have forsaken Me!

Now you will reap what you have sown, you will receive your payments on demand! You’ve been eager to play the fool and the harlot, now you will lie in your bed!

America the great shall be no more, you’ve wasted your inheritance for a bowl of sin, a pot of fool’s gold, and your stomach is full!

Be aware and stay awake My Church, for soon I will literally shake your nation. Be prepared says your God, for the revealing of the wickedness that lies at the core, and the foundations of this nation! Everything will be revealed as evidence for the justification of My actions. My court has been settled, and My decrees have been made, now I will stand and serve this nation the penalty for great sins!

What about the Church you say? I have you covered within Me, and through Me there is life, abundant life. Provision, and comfort. Y treasure as with Me! Prevail in faith and you will partake of My Grace, for I will never abandoned My People, no, I will never reject the apple of My eye!”

(The scripture reference for the message is Hosea 10)

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Collateral Damage

“Collateral Damage!”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



(Collateral Damage: Death, injury, or damage to property, inflicted on something other than an intended target. Specifically, civilian casualties of a military operation.)

The season of judgment has reached this nation. The winds of controversy are blowing in every direction. The moral compass of this nation is broken, and she has lost her way. Abandonment and separation will be her emotion as she witnesses the coming woes. Her fallacy of false peace and false hope will be revealed and realized in the coming calamities! I have not changed My decision about your nation. She is wanting in the balances of My justice.

There is coming a woe, so great and so profound it will change this nation forever! I will be justified, I will be glorified, because I Am a Righteous in all My ways! I have waited for signs of repentance, I have waited for My Church to turn towards Me; but instead they have chosen a man, a system, a way of life that does not embrace Me and My principles. You cannot serve God and mammon! You must choose this day who you will serve! Behold I will come swiftly to My House, I will purge the floor of the unclean and leaven. I will glorify My Church in this hour of reckoning!

Do not wander from Me, says your God. Gather closely as the storm arrives, for I will never leave you nor forsake you!

(Ephesians 6 is the foundational scripture for this message)
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American’s Last Breath

“America’s Last Breath”
BY Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
NOTE: Written on May 24, 2016; Preached on May 29, 2016

On the morning May 24, 2016 around 3:00 am I was awakened by these words; “America’s last breath, Isaiah 51”. As I struggled to awake, I heard the Father repeat this phrase, along with more details. I got out of bed and proceeded to write the following words.

“Hillary will win the election by default. Obama will stay in due to the chaos. It will be a 2-headed serpent, you cannot kill till I come. This will be what America wants and deserves”!  As I questioned the Father about this strong word, He proceeded to give me understanding of it. Hillary Clinton will become president because the chaos that will envelop this nation. I believe as other watchmen do, martial law will arrive because of (terrorism, financial crisis, disasters, etc). I do not know if Trump will “win” the general election or popular vote, but the “win” will be taken from him by default.

Somehow Obama and Hillary will operate together. How long? I do not know. But the Father said that this entity, (Beast System) you will not kill until till He returns (We will not be able to stop nor destroy this entity). The true heart of America, want this.  They want gay marriage; they want the insanity that we are allowing to flow from the sewage pipes of hell! Our lack of fight is proof! The Babylonian church is in bed with the world and she has played the harlot to give birth to this bastard system we call church in America. If that offends you, then that is proof of what system you are in.

Listen, I’m not telling you this is the end of world, nor am I peddling fear. We are at the end of the current world system. The old system is being destroyed before your eyes. No candidate, no movement, no church will be able to stop this slide into Babylon.

The Father went on to say, “Business will not be normal again. Life will not be normal again. This will not be business and life as usual”!

Church, in the coming months our world is going to change. Our money, our freedoms, our democracy, our churches, everything is going to change.  We need to stop listening to Church leaders who are asleep! Lethargic, apostate, and political leeches!


The Yellow Brick Road

“The Yellow Brick Road!”

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


Fantasy is fiction and reality is fact. America is on a road that she can’t turn back. For this is the hour of her demise. All the nations that support her will despise. For her hour of reckoning has come. This nation shall be undone. Hope deferred makes the heart sick and trust in a man is fool’s gold. What appears to have value is a shallow grave. For many that will be their way. Laughter and glee ring within your streets but soon the voices of celebration will be silenced by grief! A noise and a sound of tumult is coming from Washington DC. It will be the sound of utter defeat. The Democracy dream will be shattered with the reality that not all is as it seems. Find your place in me now! For soon many will not be found, lost by the sea of turmoil and revolt in a sea of make believe dreams.

(Jeremiah 28 is the foundational scripture for this message)
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