Pastor’s Prophetic Update on the 60 day Word


A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


As many of you know, the Father spoke to me on August 28, 2016 that America would suffer a heart attack that would affect the economy of our nation (and the world’s economy). I believed this heart attack would be brought on by some type of act of terrorism, natural disaster, or some type of manmade event. You can go to my website or to read the word in its entirety.  You can also hear it here

We are now at the conclusion of that 60-day window. Has there been a heart attack in America or palpitations in the world? Are there signs showing that our heart and health conditions are failing? I believe these questions and more can be answered by simply reviewing the news over the past 60 days, and not just looking at the Stock Market as an indicator. Like a heart attack, some signs are missed or ignored. In fact, many heart attack patients are told by their doctors they had many attacks that they were never aware of until the big one hits them! We are in the same condition. There is not enough space on this post to discuss all the near misses, hits, and unseen and unknown events that have taken place in the last 60 days. Including a just released report that we had a near miss incident in Syria involving a Russian fighter jet that could have given us more than a heart attack; how about a decapitation!

We are a sick nation that is gasping for our last breath like a terminally ill patient on their deathbed! There is no doubt about that, whether you look at this prognosis from a sin view, political view, or financial view; we are gravely ill.

My intentions are not to defend or explain the exact word for word fulfillment of that word but to share with you what the Father told me on this 60th day and what it is coming to America, but more than that; it will reveal His heart towards humanity. I pushed everything away today and made time to speak with the Father in prayer. I had questions about this word and came to Him with a repentive heart asking Him if I missed Him on this one. We must recognize and accept that we only know in part (1 Corinthians 13:9) and what He reveals through the prophetic, is a great gift and honor. It is also a huge responsibility given to the Church. I do not and never will take that lightly. I do not take any of my relationship with you as the Body for granted or halfhearted. I truly love you and consider it a privilege to serve you.

As I went through my repenting and being transparent with the Father, He impressed within my heart the word DELAYED! Then spoke the following words to me to share with you. The Father said,

“3 major events that were to be larger in scale but were lessened by prayer.

1.     New Jersey and New York terrorist bombings. (He said there were more planned).

2.     Swarms of earthquakes in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area. (go research how concerned the experts are about these swarms and the running data of quakes in these areas. The experts are warning any day now!)

3.     Hurricane Matthew. (Florida was on track to take a direct hit, but God!)

After speaking these things, the Father shared the following warning.

“Because I have delayed these blows of judgment does not mean that I have changed my mind. The scales are weighed heavier now against this nation! For there is no thanksgiving and repentance for the acts of My Mercy! My benevolence is weighed in the balances of justice and America is found wanting! It is My Goodness that leads men to repentance but I have been mocked! But I will not be mocked much longer. The sewer caps of your city streets will soon reveal what’s beneath the heart of America!”

Family of God, all I can tell you is that we dodged a bullet, for now. The Father was merciful to us as a nation, but don’t be fooled, judgement delayed is never judgment denied. Prepare accordingly because I believe His time of looking the other way is over!


America, The House of Cards

“America, The House of Cards!”

A prophetic message by
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The season of judgement arriving, has narrowed! The hour glass is near empty, time is no longer a luxury but more valuable than the lusts that bind the hearts of man! I am coming says the Lord, My gift is with Me, not a gift of reprieve but of judgement. For you America, your cup is full, your hour of reckoning has arrived! You have chosen your poison; you will embrace your pain. The bed of judgment has been made, now you will lie in it and wallow in it. You have chosen your sin over My Grace. You have abandoned My pardon and turned your back on Me! Your season of uncertainty and darkness has arrived! You have forsaken Me for the last time!

To you oh house of Bethel (meaning the false ecumenical structured church, who claims they have the corner market on God) , you’ve asked for a King but you will receive a Queen, you’ve asked for leniency but you will receive hardship! The hour of purification has come, My Bride will be clean! She will possess the land but only in purity. I will remove the blemishes of pride. I have chosen this hour; this is My day says the Lord! My plain will prevail and so shall My Bride!

Be not dismayed at this hour that shall befall this nation. I AM in control, I AM sovereign. I will pierce the darkness with My Glory, but you must trust Me in this hour! You must embrace My Truth, for it will be your only source of strength and power!

The Next Three Weeks!

The Next 3 Weeks’!

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


The Father spoke to me the following words during my early morning prayer. He Said, “The next 3 weeks will determine Americas history”.

I asked the Father what did He mean by using the word history as opposed to using the word future. He explained it to me with the following prophetic word.

“What I have said has been written. Therefore, what is about to take place has already been known and it is history to Me! Now you must walk it out as it is being known. These events of your nation are nonnegotiable and irreversible! My plans and My words will prevail.

Brace yourself for impact! The gates of hell have been opened against you, oh nation and land of the serpent! You have devised a plan in secret that I will allow to be revealed in (the)  open!

I will not hide My face from My people, I will never forsake My Church, but you must abide within Me! You must stay connected to Me!

Mighty raging waters with engulf your nation, chaos will arise from those who will feel they have been fooled, lied to, and deceived by those they trusted. A cry of Sham and disenfranchisement will ring within your city streets. Blood shed will prevail against the call for peace, for your nation has forsaken the Prince of Peace! Prepare for the days of calamity and perplexity, for the new wine is coming! For a new hour and order within my Church. Many fall because they never stood for Me! They were weakened by the lust of the world, ill-prepared – not ready for the sifting of the House, blinded by what the desired over Me. Arise My Church, My Bride, and My People, this will be your finest hour within Me!



Great Change is Here!

Great Change is Here!

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


“This is the hour of the broken covenant, vows of promises that have been made void. Not by Me says your God, but by My Church and My People! You promised with an oath that you would serve Me with all of your heart, until your hearts were filled with goods! Pleasures abound while your heart grew colder and colder, now your satisfied with the riches of Babylon and you are filled with the dainties of Egypt! You have forsaken Me, now I will forsake you! You have no excuse and no covering for your sin and deceit!

To this nation, I call you for the last time, return to Me, shed your robe of unrighteousness in which you cover your sin. Come clean before Me, and I will renew My covenant with you, but you won’t! You’ve trusted in the horses and the chariots of men, you refused to remember the God of your birth, now you will meet the God of your death!

Flee this Babylon as it burns, flee this den of iniquity and this place of sin. For I will arise says your God and I will blow upon this nation a fierce fire, a consuming fire that will burn up the chaff and I will remember these sins that have stained My people and have pierced their hearts with unspeakable shame! I will arise says your God. Today is the day of salvation, now is the time to seek Me. For soon the clouds of darkness will increase and few will find Me with ease, for it will be in the time of great trouble that men will finally see!”



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