A National Heart Attack is Coming…….

“A National Heart Attack is Coming”!

A prophetic word by Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


During my early morning prayer time on August 28 2016, the Father spoke the following words to me.


The Church of Self – The Spirit of Nabal

“The Spirit of Nabal!”

A prophetic word by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



On July 31,2016, during my morning prayer time, the Father spoke the following word to me.


“August will be an acceleration of assassinations both in this country and the world. For officials from both corporations (including Banking) and political parties will be assassinated. The cutting off of the head will be the goal of your enemy. This will be the dividing of the nations. A great culling has begun, it will not stop nor decrease till the plan is in place. This plan your enemy has laid out has been approved by Me. For I have warned that the enemy was at the gate. I have foretold your enemy would strike, but you have increased with goods and now you are dull of hearing! You have placed your hands over your ears. Silence is what you have asked for, but now you will receive the increase of My Prophets. For thy will not stand by in idleness and stare, but they will stand and say with a voice of a trumpet, desolation, desolation, desolation, has come to your shores, your prairies, and cities, both large and small.

You have forsaken My covenant, you have forgotten My offering of peace, now you will reap the whirlwind, the price of the folly of your sin.

My garments are clean, My breath does not reek with the stench of your consuming sin. I have not violated My House as you have violated your own. There is no comparison to My Royalty and Holiness though you were once a reflection of My Glory! I have divorced you oh nation of serpents! Vile and unclean are your streets, filled with pagan parties worshipping departed spirits of dead men. In your songs and festivities, you will vomit from their overflow. For you have drunken the wine of My wrath and fury! You thought I was as you! But I am not!

 Your churches have become a gall of bitterness for the poison that has been preached. Bitter because the sweetness has lost its taste! For My Word is honey and it is life. But oh preacher and pastor of My Sheep, you have poisoned and diluted My Word by your sin. You prophesy words of good, peace, and prosperity. Ye hypocrites, you will receive the greater judgment! For like Balaam, you taught My People to err! Now the salt has lost its savor and its good for nothing!

To My Remnant, I say arise stand up and go forth, move to higher ground, move to where you can be heard! Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm! For soon war will begin and few will be found. Make haste in your plans and prepare My People for My Return and for My Habitation!”


Before I proceed with this teaching, I want to give some understanding that the Father gave me concerning this word. As I pondered this strong word, I acquired of Him the meaning of assassination and categorizing of those targeted. He impressed within me that what is taking place right now, the increase of murder, the loss of life, (including leadership and those in authority) are planned assassinations. It has always been the plan of satan and the minions he controls to destroy authority. It produces chaos, terror, and uncertainty within people, and nations. When I pondered assassinations, the Father showed me that this would not only be a JFK type of event, but multiple methods of death (car bombs, suicide bombers, snipers, poisons, etc.) In essence there will be an increase of this demonic spirit of murder, and carnage released on the earth. It is already taking place around the world, but it will be so obvious that there is a coordinated effort to destabilize the world. He also impressed upon me that these assassinations will not be limited to the above mentioned categorizes (those most likely will receive the greater attention), but they include authority in general terms, from law enforcement, military personnel, to a father or mother leading a family. In plain speech, we have entered a season of accelerated death. As a note of confirmation, since receiving this word there has been increase of murder, attempted assassination, and assassinations of those opposed to corruption within the political arena of our nation.

(Sadly, as I conclude this writing, a suicide bomber killed more than 70 people in Pakistan, mostly Lawyers who represents law and authority and journalists.) The world must wake up to the reality that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a political cult of death! Their solution to opposition is assassination!

Jeremiah Chapters 10 & 17


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