Prophetic Update Florida School Shooting 2-15-18

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



Shortly after receiving the news about the shooting at the Florida High school, the Father gave a short but powerful word to me. He then gave me a strong scriptural confirmation of what is to come.

“You (America) cannot shed blood globally, and not have it return locally”! He then spoke to me Habakkuk chapter 2. Please pray for those who lost family members in this horrific event. Also pray for those still recovering. You can view my full message by going to

Prophetic Word By Byron Searle

Prophetic Word


 Byron Searle


Rev.2:20 & Rev. 3:7-13


The Lord says;

My son, hear the word of the Lord and write this down, My churches are full of lying spirits. They speak in My name yet I know them not. The lying Jezebel has so infiltrated My body that sexual sins that were abhorred by My people are accepted and promoted. False doctrines abound that are not in My word, yet because My people are ignorant of My word they are being deceived. My son the judgments that My Watchmen and true Prophets speak are now in progress. All Eyes must watch Israel for that is My timepiece, and soon Israel will expand her boundaries. The world is now ready for war, the red horse has now stirred the hearts of evil men to be filled with lust and jealousy. My People Israel are now moved to defend their selves and all the world will gasp at the end result. Israel will be most hated of all Nations, and America will condemn harshly with words. America with all her pride will with confidence attack North Korea after the Olympic Games. The victory will only infill the nation and King with more pride. My son Pride goeth before the fall and this nation has great pride and will have a great fall. My children hear My word, thus saith the Lord, prepare your heart for a time of great testing is upon you. Prepare your houses for great destruction is upon you. Prepare your store house for many of my children will perish by famine and pestilence. Prepare to trust Me in all things, that will require great faith. If you cannot have faith in Me now during the good times, how you walk in faith during the testing. My children you have not been taught faith, you have been taught greed by wolves in sheep’s clothing that have polluted the gospel and how to walk in faith. My son time is now the testing is coming keep my body in the word.


“The Tinderbox!” 2-11-18

“The Tinderbox!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The controversy of controversies is upon the nations! Sides have been drawn, allies and foes, enemies and friends will now face My Land! It is here, Jerusalem, where nations fall! They conquer their worlds and they rape the nations, but Israel is Mine and I will keep her, even in her state of rebellion and rejection of the Truth of My Son!

I will gather the nations to a place called Megiddo, Armageddon is where they shall meet! Though the time is nigh, there is much fruit yet to be reaped. You will witness the wine press of Judgement overflow! America you will turn your back on My Land, your fires will be too great to help. Your season of protection and false friendship will soon end!

Be aware and be awake My Church, for soon I will shake everything in your nation that can be shaken, for you have entered a season of NO RETURN! But be of good cheer and hope, it is the SEASON of My Return!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Zechariah 12) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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