Prophetic Update! 2-6-18

“Prophetic Update!”

Good afternoon Ignited! I want to give you a prophetic update concerning a word the Father gave me back on 9-3-17, called Testing, Testing, 1,2,3. As we watched the historical drop with the Dow, and the sea of red in the financial markets throughout the world, I went to the Father in prayer. I was concerned because I know what He has been speaking to me about judgment, the love of money, and bringing Babylon down to her knees. There is no doubt that we are here. Many won’t accept it but we are. So, I asked the Father yesterday for clarity concerning this word, and what was going on with the markets. Now in this word, as you will see below He told me a “prop” would fall. I did not know what that prop was until yesterday. I was led to wait till the next day (today 2-6-18) to share this. Here is what He told me,

 “The Bond market is the prop, IF it bursts, the nation will know there is trouble in the economy. HOW they respond will determine if they pass the test, if they don’t, you know the rest.” Referring to the house of cards falling as judgment for not repenting.

I am not a financial expert, but what I found in my research on the Bond market, it is bleeding out globally. The world is so fragile financially, anything catastrophic can bring the world to its knees, or the right buttons conveniently pushed. I’m giving this warning to you so you will first get life right with the Father, get your house in order financially, and prepare for hard times. There will be many “sharp instruments” that will burst this Bond bubble, war, disasters, etc.  But our focus should be on the Kingdom assignment of reaching lost humanity! We will witness fluctuations in the market, that is always natural when CPR is being applied to a flatlined patient! ( We never fully recovered from the last financial crisis and we did not fix the fundamentals of our economy.)  The Father warns us because He loves us, and everything we do, we do by faith! I pray this word gives you clarity, and gives you post signs to look for in this dark hour! I love you!

Here is the word in written form. You can listen to the message here. Scroll down to 9-3-17.

 I made some updates to it in red. “America your time of testing is here, your day of reckoning has arrived! You are faced with 2 choices, repent and live or reject and die!

My Truth has been proclaimed, but you refuse to embrace it, My Promises have been made but you deny they exist!

This is your hour of testing, will your serve Me or Baal? This is your day of salvation; will you accept it or refuse to hear My Prophets?

I have weighed you in the balances and you are lacking! You kill My Prophets with slander, but they are your only voice of hope!

Behold I stand at the door and knock, choose this day! Receive My Grace! For My Judgment is here, yet My Arms are still open. My House is not yet full, there is room for those who seek My Shelter!”


As I pondered this word the Father revealed to me, He gave me the total understanding of it.

Test#1 was Hurricane Harvey Did America repent in mass over this clear act of judgment? No! FAILED!

Test #2 will be Hurricane Irma. My notes (whether it hits the USA or not, are we crying out to the Father over the prospects of it hitting us? Will we repent if it does?) TBA…we will find out soon. FAILED!

Test #3

A dip in the Economy (is coming) …. a prop will fall.

My notes: This will not be a “crash” (yet) but a noticeable dip. Something will break that will cause a prop to fall that is holding this fragile economy together.  The cause could be war, earthquakes, housing market, auto industry, just pick your poison. I do not know and was not shown the cause.

TBA…. we will soon find out.

I asked the Father why all of this? He replied to me, “I want to shake the vine for what is mine!” The Father is allowing this shaking for His people to finally wake up! To be revived and to come alive in their pursuit of Him! He is pursuing the backslider, the fence ridders, and tender hearted that are far from Him. I asked the Father What if we don’t pass the test, He replied, “The house of cards will fall!” Take this word to the Father in prayer and prepare your hearts and home!


The Bait! 2-4-18

“The Bait!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America, you have taken the bait of satan, wrapped up in luxury and pride, this bait is poison to your soul! You have been fooled into believing a lie.  A lie crafted in the mindset of the American Dream! A land of freedom, far from Me!

Wake up while the bait is in your mouth! Free yourself from this trap and run to Me! But you won’t! For it is easier for you to stay in your stupor, than it is to shake yourself into reality!

I will shake you in order to wake you, I will remind this nation who I AM! Many will die and their cries will fill your streets, many will perish and their blood you will see. But you won’t care, as long as it isn’t near your dwelling! But I say unto a perverse nation, I will bring these things out in the open! There will be no escape from seeing what is coming!

You ask what is the bait and trap of the enemy? I tell you it is deception of your false prophets, who I did not send, that is the bait and trap! You believed a lie America! You believed a lie My Church! You think there is no judgment for the weight of sin, you think there is a reprieve merely by the words of man, you don’t know Me!

Though I desire for you to know Me and My truth, you refuse to listen and learn of Me. You rejected My peace plan, you’ve embraced a false plan (Peace plan) that will lead you to sudden destruction!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 12) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube channel.

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The Great Tsunami Is Here! 1-28–18

“The Great Tsunami Is Here!”

A Prophetic Message


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The tide is rising in America, the tide of pride, death, war, and destruction! Man is not ready for the great tsunami that is pouring over your false (denial) breaches and sand bags of fragile humanity! Your pagan prayers will not prevent the onslaught of terror that lurks beneath your daily lives! Great darkness is not coming, it is has arrived, but yet few fear, because they rely on their artificial lighting to light their way; but I say unto those who rely on the sparks of their flesh (Isaiah 50:11) and religious trappings, I will extinguish their lights and I will expose their intentions with great fear! Your core will be shaken and the truth will be known. For I have been patient, yet you refuse My call to come unto Me and allow Me to cleanse you!

America, I have waited and I have called you in this midnight hour, but you would rather sleep in ignorant slumber then to trim your wicks (Matthew 25:7) and light your lamps so you may see your way out of darkness!

NOW, you will see what it is like to ignore your only refuge and source of light!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 22) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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The Last Straw! 1-21-18

“The Last Straw!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America, your rejection of TRUTH has ejected you from peace! You will mourn for the loss of life, and you will grieve for the loss of luxury! You have left your first love and sold your inheritance for a pot of fool’s gold!

I have called, but you ignored it, I have shaken you, but you will not tremble, I have sent My prophets but you tune them out! I will no longer be ignored and rejected, for I will now stand and begin the outpouring of My anger and displeasure! You mock these words as did the people of the flood! You scoff and mock that it will never be so, but I warn you and I beseech you, turn towards me! Reject the false gods of your fathers! Get out of Babylon and allow My Spirit to purge Babylon out of you!

It is night in America, yet you refuse to see the darkness. You hold unto a false light that will lead you into great darkness!

Arise My harvesters, prepare the sickle of Truth, for soon I will reap what is mine, but woe to them who refuse My gleaning! Woe to those who flee My light and grace during my final calling!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Hosea 4) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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