Build the Wall! 7-23-17

“Build the Wall!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“The luxury of time is not on your side, America you have fallen asleep at the wheel! You’ve missed your destiny in Me, your rejection (of Me) has forfeited you a future of peace and prosperity. You are living on borrowed time. You’ve entered a maze of uncertainty, designed by your enemies. Confusion is more than a cloud, it is the environment of your country and with it comes every evil work! One man cannot change the world, when he himself is clothed in deception!

The hour is here and the time to prepare has come, brace yourself for impact! Build a sure wall of protection! For the light in which to work is growing dimmer. Fight the good fight of faith, for soon the fight will be more real to those who know the times and seasons of your nation!”

(Scripture reference: Book of Nehemiah Chapters 1-6) To hear the message go to

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The Sigh of a Nation! 7-16-2017

“The Sigh of a Nation!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“Deception and distraction has invaded your land, it is a veil and cloak designed for the darkest of secrets to prevail! More is happening in the recesses of darkness then is being known within the light. For men love darkness more than the light! Therefore, I have given them over to a reprobate mind and heart of deception!

Your nation will sigh for the calamities that will come. Her refusal of Light, Life and Truth will bring darkness, death, and fear! My hour of standing has come, I will judge man for his deeds. His actions will be weighed by My Book! Truth will be his judge and jury! Guilty, will be the verdict for those who reject it (Truth)!

My Song of Deliverance will be sung by My Church! My Redemption will be revealed to those who can see My Hand. There is no veil, cloak or wall that can stop My Immense love for man! Only his heart can stop My Benevolence and Grace

Rise up My Church to your position of true authority! Become revealers of My Glory, the defenders of your faith, and behold Me as I manifest Myself throughout the nations! This is not an hour of reprieve but of repentance!


(Scripture reference for this message is Lamentations 4.) You can listen or watch this message by going to or




Sabotage! 7-9-17


A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“With smiling faces, men shake hands. Deals are made for peace they declare, but within their hearts deception is the plan!

Sabotage is coming to your land! A device and a scheme to derail the peace and prosperity that echoes throughout your land. This is a false peace and promise of prosperity, built on sand! A shaking is coming to the land and My Church. A removing of the guard; a new sentry shall stand at the gates, but not to protect, but to direct your enemies plan.

I warned this nation of the soon coming hour of destruction, yet she refuses to hear My Call! My Cry is overcome by the sounds of festivals and parties, yet time marches on, and judgement moves ever so closer!

This is the hour says your God, that My True Church will arise; out of the ashes of chaos and crisis, shall she arise with My Glory upon Her and My Words within Her mouth; and great shall be My Harvest!

(Scripture references: Jeremiah 19 & 20) You listen or watch this message at or

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Collateral Damage! Part 2 7-2-17

“Collateral Damage!” Part 2

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The sins of the nations have reached the tipping point! There is no return to yesterday, to the folly of vain imaginations of false hope, and false peace. The hour of war is here!

There will be no peace to those who raise the sword in their vanity, pride, and rebellion! I will expose this nation’s nakedness, I will reveal her weakness. Her horses of iron and her machines of steel will be vulnerable to her enemies! The secrets of this nation’s strengths have been made known, her rearward has no guard! Her eyes have no sight, for her protection and prestige has taken flight!

I will expose this nation to the world! I will reveal the reason for My rejection, and I will be justified and glorified in the midst of the slaughter!

To My Church and My Bride, this is your time to abide within My Walls of protection and provision! This is your day of salvation, your hour of rescue. Be not be afraid of the terror that is coming. The shaking is not for breaking, but for awakening of those who slumber in Zion!

Wake up and arise, for the Lord of Hosts is coming to judge the nations!


The scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 5) You can listen or watch this message by going to or


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