Ezekiel 5 UPDATE!

Ezekiel 5 UPDATE!

 Urgent Prophetic Warning to America


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




Dear Friends,

The Father has spoken to my heart to preach this prophetic warning and to share in detail Ezekiel 5. Please go to my website and download today’s message “Ezekiel 5 UPDATE!” Due to time restraints, I was unable to minister the entirety of this message on my video or on Lyn Leahz’s interview. You can go to our website and read the original word and watch the Urgent message on our YouTube channel.


Todays message will also be uploaded to our channel under the title Ezekiel 5 UPDATE.

I ask for you to share this important message with everyone you care for and are praying for. Time is short, but eternity is longer, and no man is promised tomorrow. Ignited Church and I are praying for the Acts 16:31 promise to be realized in your family!

I love you and I thank you for your steadfast prayers and support for this ministry!

Stay True,


Urgent Prophetic Warning to America!

An Urgent Prophetic Warning to America!


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




During the early morning hours of Tuesday April 25, 2017, I was awakened by the Father speaking to me, “Ezekiel 5”! As I continued to go back to sleep, He spoke the same scripture several more times. I finally could not resist any more. I got out of bed and proceeded to read Ezekiel 5. After reading it, I meditated on the severity of this chapter. I pondered the condition of our nation. The following is what the Father spoke to me. As in all things, take it to prayer, but most of all, heed this warning by preparing your family and those who you love.


“The cup of America’s sin is full and overflowing! She has been blinded by her success she has been fooled by the glitter of her gold. Her skirts will be raised and all will see her nakedness and her age! Wrinkled by sin, and contaminated by sin, America the great whore will be exposed!

Your coasts are vulnerable to the beasts of the sea, (Military invasion) your skies have no eyes for your enemy to see!

Blinded, wretched, and miserable, you will be too weak to fight, and your enemy will get the victory! You have no defense America, but Me. You refused Me, you rejected Me, now the nations will see what a nation looks like when abandonment comes!

For My Church, My True flock, hide in Me. Cling to Me, and abide in My Shadow, and as My Hand pass over this nation, I will protect you, for I have marked you, and sealed you until the day of redemption!

Stay True!”

Please read Ezekiel 5. This is a very powerful warning to this nation. We are about to witness the manifold judgment of God.

  1. Fire
  2. Cannibalism
  3. Captivity/Desolation
  4. Pestilence and Famine
  5. Financial Holocaust
  6. The Sword/Invasion


I feel there is no need to include an in-depth commentary to this word. I believe these following verses will explain clearly why judgment is coming to America. My friends, its past time to get your house and life in order with the Father!


Ezekiel 5

Vs. 5 Thus saith the Lord GOD; This is Jerusalem: I have set it in the midst of the nations and countries that are round about her.

Vs. 6 And she hath changed my judgments into wickedness more than the nations, and my statutes more than the countries that are round about her: for they have refused my judgments and my statutes, they have not walked in them.



Don’t Look Back!

“Don’t Look Back!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“The American dream is fading, it is the twilight of her freedom. She has forsaken the Cross, she has divorced herself from the power of My Blood. Lost and drowning in false peace and hope, she clings to a dream that has been scattered by the reality of sin!

America the great, shall shake both in the natural and spirit. I will lay again the foundation of Righteousness through the prayers of My Righteous Ones. These will burn ever so brightly in a darken nation!

Cling to Me as the shaking begins, hold on to Me as the flood waters rises. I AM your sure hand in times of conflict and crisis. I will never leave- I will never forsake, even as you are bent I will never allow the world to break you!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 17)

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The Precipice of War!

“The Precipice Of War!”

A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“The sounds of war are in the air, armaments and military might stand and stare; ready to move, ready to dare! These are the signs of the times that I revealed to the world. These are the warnings that I revealed to you My Church, but are you heeding them?

Confusion reigns in your country and your churches. Leaders sworn in to proclaim truth but live in lies, and practice deceit!

My Church has become a playhouse for puppets, moved by the strings of politicians and hidden agendas of wicked men! Yet time moves forward, My Word is being fulfilled, but still My Church sleeps on!

Soon the sounds of war will fill your streets, a fire will rage beyond your control. Many will call on Me but it will be too late. I warn you now, your enemies are at the gate!

Refuse this warning at your peril, for soon you will witness the effects of a nation turned into hell!

(Scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 28) You can hear this sermon on our website www.ignitedchurchlife.com

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