A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The hour has come that I must deal with the pride of this nation! I winked at the words of arrogance and the stench of pride, but I will not ignore the shedding of innocent blood!

America, you should have kept to yourself, you should have avoided conflict in an unrighteous cause! Now you will face the recompense of your actions and receive your reward!

You have flaunted your pride, you have raised your flag above My Word; you will witness your flag, the flag of pride, half-mast throughout your nation!

I have warned you but you refuse to repent, you have laughed at My Prophets and have embraced the messengers of false peace. Soon I will justify My Warnings with the reality of great pain and sorrow within your nation!

(Scripture reference: Amos 3, Deuteronomy 8:11) To hear the full message go to our website

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I Hunger!

“I Hunger!”

A Prophetic Message By

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



(“We are entering a season of wooing and doing!”)


“Where is the passion and where is the pursuit of My Presence? I long to be with My Church in the Secret Place! I hunger for Her presence to dwell with Mine!

Where are the Elijah’s, My John the Baptists, My fiery preachers, branded with an indelible mark of passion?!

I’m coming, says your God, with a mighty visitation to My Church. My fan is in My hand and I will thoroughly purge My floor and I will dwell where the way has been prepared! I will judge My House and there will be none without excuse! Worship is not an option, it is your Daily Bread!”

(Scripture references: Isaiah 40, Isaiah 51, Hebrews 12:14, I Peter 11: 24-25.)

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The First Church!

“The First Church!”

A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“Where is the fire and passion of the first Church? The passion and desire to seek Me first? Hunger was the banner under which the first Church worked and labored!

Today I look and I find few with the passion of My  Spirit! I find few willing to labor in the lateness of the hour, yet they keep their arms open for more, giving back less!

I look to pour out My Spirit, but I see no place ready to receive in the manner in which I will come. I am coming like a flood, I will pour out of My Spirit and there will be no room to contain Me. I will burst through the doors of My Church, reaching humanity, healing their hearts, manifesting My Glory. I am looking for those who like the first Church, hunger for My return, obey My commands, and pursue Me with fiery passion!”

(Scripture refences for this message: Acts 2, I Samuel 3)

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Critical Mass

“Critical Mass!”

Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The veil that has hidden the sin of this nation has been lifted, her nakedness has been exposed! In My balances of Righteousness, she has been weighed and she has been found wanting. Yet she refuses to admit her need of a Savior. Blinded by her lusts, she longs for more!

There has been no repentance seen from Heaven, yet My church walks in pride as though she is in a parade; see – look what we’ve done! We’ve changed the White House, while she tends to My House, treating it like a whore house! Full of idolatry and sin, she attempts to blend in to the world! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the shaking will come and many will find Me when it is done! Laugh and scoff at these warning; but soon the sound of mourning will be heard!”

(Scripture references: Romans 8)

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