The Masquerading Church

“The Masquerading Church!”

Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


Ignited Church


“The scene has been set and the stage has been readied; the costumes of Christianity has been adorned. My Church is now prepared for the great deception to come! Flattered by the fantasy of reprieve and false revival, she masquerades herself as one without sin, yet she is vile, and her heart is unclean within!

To the world, she has become a whore, willing to be played again. Unaware that she is being deceived into thinking she is in control!

I am calling My Church to remove her mask, and to change her costumes for robes of righteousness! But she refuses to leave the stage of deception. The spotlight is too alluring, and the fame has become her poison and shame!

Awake My True Church! Arise from your slumber and deception. The hour is late and the stakes are high and eternity for humanity is drawing nigh! Prepare yourself – come out of the fantasy that all is well and embrace My plan that I AM revealing to My Church!

(The scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 14 and Jeremiah 51)

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The Church of Absalom!

The Church of Absalom!

A prophetic message by

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“The spirit of Absalom rages within the Church and My House is divided! Divided by race, creed and support of what is new in the land. Yet My Word and My Ways are of old. I Am still the Ancient of Days and My Word is still is the foundation and cornerstone of all creation; yet My Church seeks the hand of man to keep her in a new way, an unapproved way, void of My counsel and surety!

My people are in amazement and distracted by the trinkets of the political world, a world that is in opposition to My Word, yet My Church embraces these gifts as evidence of change!

No man or political system will be the change agent of this nation; it is My Church and My Bride who has readied herself! That time of preparation will be found in My coming judgement.

Don’t be fooled by Absalom who takes counsel from the new, for there is nothing new under the sun! I have seen it all from the beginning, what is, has always been known and now I warn you, stay clean and don’t be fooled. Resist the spirit of Absalom, resist false change that will serve as your failure to perceive the hour that is upon the land!”

(The scripture reference for message is 2 Samuel 13-19)

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“Get into your Position!”

“Get into your Position!”

Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“There is coming a shaking so strong to the nations that only those who are secured and anchored in their position of faith will survive!

My Remnant has been called to a place of serving and a place of purpose in this last hour. Do what you do, with what you have been given. Be instant, in season and out of season, always producing fruit!

You will not get yesterday back, it is gone with the wind, but your fruit will remain! Work while it is yet day, listen and be aware of My warnings! Watch Israel and watch Jerusalem, but prepare My Bride for the tribulation to come! Warn My Sheep not to sleep and reap My final harvest!

I will pour out My Spirit on you and through you. You haven’t seen anything yet that I have planned for those who love Me and obey Me!”

(Scripture references: Main text for sermon Luke 8)

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A word of encouragement to the prophetic community  

A word of encouragement to the prophetic community


I want to begin this open letter to each of you who has stood on the wall during 2016. We have witnessed incredible change in our nation and in our world. Bloodshed, natural disasters, wars and rumors wars. The list is too long and the heart of man is too weak to contemplate the weight of sorrow and pain 2016 offered us. Many words of warnings were released from the Father of the potential chaos that awaited us at the end of the year. You were faithful to stay true to what you saw. Some things did come to pass while others were delayed or even denied through prayer and unknown factors. I want to thank you for standing tall and being faithful to your heavenly calling; even when many were persecuted and railed for “missing” it and failure for delivering on a prophetic word as though you had the power to perform it. But that is the nature of ministry, regardless of your calling. If you are loved of all men, be careful!

I want to encourage you as I have in the past not to back down from your calling. Continue seeking the Father for His direction, while fine tuning your perception and reception in the Spirit. Be solid in your faith and relationship with the Father, ever increasing your love and passion for the Word of God. Pursue Him and His Truth regardless of the hatred the world and the Church releases towards you. You are better than their bitter vile that they castigate you with. The Great Cloud of Witnesses can testify that the road of a pioneer and a servant is never paved with the praises of men!

There are some who have criticized me to whom I could retaliate with a fierce force of exposure and embarrassment but I refuse to bow to the level of the accuser of the brethren. I would rather focus my strength, time, and passion in reaching a damned world, lost without Christ.

I would however like to give you my final thoughts on a word I was given last year. The Father gave me a warning in March of 2016 about Hillary Clinton winning the election by default. By the way there were scores of prophetic, political, journalistic leaders, and the common man who thought (and prophesied) she would win.

To save me from writing a book, go to my website and listen to America’s Last Breath for the details. The Father revealed that Hillary and Trump would both be the candidates at a time when they were not yet chosen by their respective parties. I had no way of knowing this and quite frankly I wasn’t even following the campaign process. Both were considered long shots to win their party’s nomination, but they did. The Father also showed me Trump would win the election and he did. He impressed upon my heart that this “win” would be stolen from him, and we now know it wasn’t but almost was. Never in our history of elections have we witnessed a nail biting, bitter, murderous, scandal riddled election. Even up to the Inauguration, those of us in the prophetic community (and the world) where sitting on the edge of our seats praying everything would be peaceful and no harm would come to President Trump, thankfully our prayers prevailed. 

I released this word as a submission to the prophetic community for their prayerful review. It gained wide attention and was given credence by EVERY prophetic voice that it was presented to, whether by printed page or media platform. I was and I still am extremely humbled by the experience. Not one denied the validity of the word. Every one of us responded with the need to seriously pray this assignment and warning canceled. None of us wanted this word to come to pass, because it carried with it a price tag that was much too heavy of a price to pay. It meant our country was headed straight into Babylonian captivity. I made every attempt to warn America and the Church that was our destination. I was transparent and honest with what I was told. Not an ounce of deception or vice was in my heart. Those who follow my ministry know that is the truth. I never wavered from this warning and the Father never told me to change my message, even when I asked Him. Others flipflopped but I stayed the course, even to the last day.

I still will warn that judgment is coming just because it may seem delayed does not mean it is denied! We may take a few back roads to get there, but our course is set if we do not repent as a nation and a Church. Regardless, these are your only days to get right before God, tomorrow is promised to no man. I can tell you with complete confidence that I would give the same warning, preach the same messages, lift my voice just as loud, because I know this message of “Hillary winning by default” was used as one of the catalysts in her not getting elected, it brought unknown numbers of Saints back to the Father, and caused fervent prayers from the Remnant, including me and Ignited Church. It also caused many to rise up, which I believe help changed the outcome. The outcome of the election was different, but the destination reminds the same, and I will leave that for another message!

I am so grateful to the multiplied thousands who supported us with prayers and encouragement over the past year. To all of you who call me your pastor, I am humbled to wear this honor within my heart. I will strive to serve you with fresh bread and revelation from Heaven. I will pursue the Father with greater passion and purpose in 2017. Ignited Church will be praying for you, loving you, and believing for household salvations for you. Whether you ever step foot inside our Church building or not, Ignited Church will always be YOUR HOME CHURCH!

In conclusion, if I have hurt anyone by this word not coming to complete fruition (which I hope all would be thankful it didn’t!) my intentions were never to harm or cause confusion. We know in part and we prophesy in part. We must continue in faith, being perfected by His Amazing Grace!

To the Pharisaical and Sadducaical Sanhedrin’s of our day, as you finish reading this letter, look down at your feet. There you will find the stones that you have thrown and still desire to throw. But let me warn you, if you continue with your vile hatred to these little ones of whom the Father loves, those stones, will become your millstone that will fit perfectly around your neck. Matthew 18:6

With much love and respect to the Remnant Church,

Benjamin Faircloth

Senior Pastor/ Ignited Church

Founder & President/ World Outreach Ministries International


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