Nightmare on main street 3-15-20

Nightmare on Mainstreet!”

A Prophetic Warning


  Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America wake up! Your nightmare is here, your dream is over! You have forsaken the roots of your past-your fruit reveals the truth! You have rejected Me!

Where are you? Who is leading you? Where are you going? The nightmare is real, yet many still sleep unaware with no cares.

Anger, panic, and frustration are only starting to arise, fear is coming during your demise! Change is here, the old wine skins are fading and a new day is coming out of the ashes of broken dreams and false hope. The new day is not one of glee and glamour but reality and a reminder of what time it is on My clock. What day it is on My calendar.

 The Son of Perdition is coming and with many answers he will reveal. The day of judgement WILL BE the new day that many will hope for, a nightmare they know not of!”


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