Ignited Church is preaching the TRUTH to on KDove.
Tuesday Ignited Church – Book Of Acts Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 7:15 PM Eastern and 4:15 PM Pacific
The Book of Revelation Benjamin Faircloth 9 PM Eastern and 6 PM Pacific
Friday Ignited Church Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 7 PM Eastern and 4 PM Pacific
Saturday  Ignited Church – Book Of Revelation Pastor Benjamin Faircloth  10 PM Eastern and 7 PM Pacific
Ignited Church is now preaching the TRUTH to our community via secular country music station WLHR, right here in Lavonia! 
Listen to our Ignited Life Now! Radio broadcast on WLHR 92.1, Lake Hartwell radio station!
Ignited Life Now! airs every Sunday at 9 am to 10 am EST. Get ready for your life to change.
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