Testing, Testing 1,2,3! 9-3-17

“Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America your time of testing is here, your day of reckoning has arrived! You are faced with 2 choices, repent and live or reject and die!

My Truth has been proclaimed, but you refuse to embrace it, My Promises have been made but you deny they exist!

This is your hour of testing, will your serve Me or Baal? This is your day of salvation; will you accept it or refuse to hear My Prophets?

I have weighed you in the balances and you are lacking! You kill My Prophets with slander, but they are your only voice of hope!

Behold I stand at the door and knock, choose this day! Receive My Grace! For My Judgment is here, yet My Arms are still open. My House is not yet full, there is room for those who seek My Shelter!”


As I pondered this word the Father revealed to me, He gave me the total understanding of it.

Test#1 was Hurricane Harvey Did America repent in mass over this clear act of judgment? No! FAILED!

Test #2 will be Hurricane Irma. My notes (whether it hits the USA or not, are we crying out to the Father over the prospects of it hitting us? Will we repent if it does?) TBA…we will find out soon.

Test #3

A dip in the Economy (is coming) …. a prop will fall.
My notes: This will not be a “crash” (yet) but a noticeable dip. Something will break that will cause a prop to fall that is holding this fragile economy together.  The cause could be war, earthquakes, housing market, auto industry, just pick your poison. I do not know and was not shown the cause.

TBA…. we will soon find out.

I asked the Father why all of this? He replied to me, “I want to shake the vine for what is mine!” The Father is allowing this shaking for His people to finally wake up! To be revived and to come alive in their pursuit of Him! He is pursuing the backslider, the fence ridders, and tender hearted that are far from Him. I asked the Father What if we don’t pass the test, He replied, “The house of cards will fall!” Take this word to the Father in prayer and prepare your hearts and home!

(The scripture refence for this message is Mark 6)

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