The American Nightmare 11-10-19

“The American Nightmare!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“Wake up America, wake up nations of the world! Your dreams of a utopia- heaven on earth are a false dream that is becoming your nightmare! Awaken from your sleep that leads to death- for a great shaking is coming to My Creation! Nature is moaning and groaning under the weight of your sin-unrest and calamity invades your streets, schools, and political process, yet you turn to the gods of wood, silver, and gold, searching for answers in vanity and deceit!

What more can I do or say to those who are blind and deaf to the prophetic reality of your hour! It has been written but you won’t read it, it has been spoken but you won’t listen! Therefore, judgement is at your door, your reward is at your feet.

Soon the nations will rock and reel from a financial shaking that will prove there is NO ESCAPE from My judgements!

Prepare and prevail, ignore and reap the consequences of ignorance and pride!”


Scripture reference for this message is (Mark 10 & Jeremiah 17) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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