The Apostate Church of America INC 9-6-20

“The Apostate Church of America INC!”
A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America you once knew Me -in your innocence you flourished- in your prosperity you grew, until sin was found within your heart! Your love for prosperity corrupted your mind and your motives became obvious! Your lust for luxury caused you to err and removed Truth from your heart. Now the blackness of deception lives within! My Church followed your whoredoms and abandoned the Faith. What she knew to be Truth, she left for a lie! Now she abides with devils and teaches their doctrines!
I’ve called -but she would not listen- I pleaded, but she would not heed. Her lovers wooed her further from My presence! Another night in the mire she insisted, now it is too late! Her ways are set and My hand is heavy! Judgement must come to her abode. Wake up, says your Lord -judgment is at the door! The tempest of Mine anger has come and many are in the valley of decision! Come out and be saved or abide within and be dammed. The choice has never been clearer!”
Scripture reference for this message is (1 Thess 5, 1 Tim 4) To watch or listen to this message got to or
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