The Appointment! 3-4-18

“The Appointment!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“America, you have an appointment with destiny, you have a meeting with greatness, you have been summons to My Courts! I have examined you and the evidence against you has been weighed in My balances! My Word is the plum-line (2 Kings 21:13), the measurement of Truth! You have been found guilty of forsaking your oath, your commitment to Me. You have pursued and apprehended and enshrined foreign gods within your heart. Moloch and Baal surround your nation, like mantras from the nations of yesterday, buried in the ashes of history!

America, you have an appointment with Me, you will not be late and you can not delay this meeting! I have spoken and I have decreed that America-Babylon will fall!

Your watchmen that you have promoted and have produced, see falsely, speak falsely and do not know Me! My Word is clear and My thoughts towards this are concise, I will judge her at the door of her harlotry! I will expose her nakedness for the nations to see!

You have an appointment America, this date will not be concealed, for it will be revealed by fire!

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