The Evil Empire! 2-18-18

“The Evil Empire!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The smoke and ashes of a fallen nation will soon fill your skies, oh nation of deception, greed, and insatiable lust! The warnings blare and the blood flows, yet you turn your eyes away from the Truth! Blinded to reality, and bathed in fantasy, deception has become your reality!

This is the hour of your undoing, you’ve finished your course as a nation of lies. The Truth will now be known, and your skirts will be raised to see your nakedness!

Why do you mourn for the children (those killed by violence) you can see, but you ignore the cries of those you can’t? Imprisoned in a womb, sentenced to death, yet few plead their cause!

What shall I do to a nation who sheds innocent blood? Shall I look the other way? Shall I forget the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah? Shall I apologize for My wrath that was displayed to those who broke My covenant and forsook My Law?

America, your condition is clear, and your prescription is just. This Evil Empire shall fall and what is coming out of these ashes, will fulfill My plans of the Last Days! The Beast is rising out of the sea (the people, Revelation 13) and you will long for these days, and you will yearn for these times of fragile peace!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 22) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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