The Great Tsunami Is Here! 1-28–18

“The Great Tsunami Is Here!”

A Prophetic Message


 Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The tide is rising in America, the tide of pride, death, war, and destruction! Man is not ready for the great tsunami that is pouring over your false (denial) breaches and sand bags of fragile humanity! Your pagan prayers will not prevent the onslaught of terror that lurks beneath your daily lives! Great darkness is not coming, it is has arrived, but yet few fear, because they rely on their artificial lighting to light their way; but I say unto those who rely on the sparks of their flesh (Isaiah 50:11) and religious trappings, I will extinguish their lights and I will expose their intentions with great fear! Your core will be shaken and the truth will be known. For I have been patient, yet you refuse My call to come unto Me and allow Me to cleanse you!

America, I have waited and I have called you in this midnight hour, but you would rather sleep in ignorant slumber then to trim your wicks (Matthew 25:7) and light your lamps so you may see your way out of darkness!

NOW, you will see what it is like to ignore your only refuge and source of light!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 22) To watch or listen to this message got to or You Tube

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