The Masquerading Church

“The Masquerading Church!”

Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth


Ignited Church


“The scene has been set and the stage has been readied; the costumes of Christianity has been adorned. My Church is now prepared for the great deception to come! Flattered by the fantasy of reprieve and false revival, she masquerades herself as one without sin, yet she is vile, and her heart is unclean within!

To the world, she has become a whore, willing to be played again. Unaware that she is being deceived into thinking she is in control!

I am calling My Church to remove her mask, and to change her costumes for robes of righteousness! But she refuses to leave the stage of deception. The spotlight is too alluring, and the fame has become her poison and shame!

Awake My True Church! Arise from your slumber and deception. The hour is late and the stakes are high and eternity for humanity is drawing nigh! Prepare yourself – come out of the fantasy that all is well and embrace My plan that I AM revealing to My Church!

(The scripture reference for this message is Isaiah 14 and Jeremiah 51)

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