The Pagan States of America! 8-18-19

“The Pagan States of America!”
A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, I’ve waited for the sounds of repentance, but your silence is deafening and your response is natural, for you choose to play the harlot who hears not when her husband calls. You feign your love through your plastic pieces of religious monuments and trinkets. You fool the world, but you cannot fool Me! I see through your deceptive ways. Dressed for church, over the skin of a whore your silk and fine linen lie, but I know you and I know your ways. Wake up, says your God, to the sound of weeping, mourning, and shame! Wake up says your God, to the sounds of your fields smitten and destroyed because of your sin! America, I have waited for you to repent as a whole, but I have not even found half that is willing to turn towards Me! Therefore, I will turn away from you and you will know what Israel knew when My face no longer looked upon them!”
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