The Point of NO RETURN!!! 8-27-17

                                                                                      “The Point of NO RETURN!”                                                                     


“America, you have reached the point of no return! You’ve crossed the line of the forbidden, and you have chosen the gods of Egypt over Me! You worship Moloch, and you sacrifice your children unto him!

You devour each other through violence, yet you masquerade, and parade as righteous, and just! Your worship is false, and your churches are full of idols! The stench rises to My Nostrils, I can’t stand to bare the tripe that proceeds from the mouths of
your prophets!
False prophets, who’s agenda, and messages is NOT OF ME! Deception, and all manner of false teachings proceed from their lips of poisoned flesh! Infected by greed, fevered by lust, they operate with sickness, they prophesy with a disease! Come out of the Babylonian system, and be free! Shun youthful lusts, and be clean! The hour is coming, and is now here, that I will judge My House, swiftly, and severely! Choose this day who you will serve!
(Scripture reference for this message is Ezekiel 18):
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