“The Republic of Moloch” 6-21-20

“The Republic of Moloch!”

A Prophetic Warning


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“America you have reached the tipping point- the point of no return! You have kindled the fire of My anger and there will be no escaping what is to come. You sacrifice your future to Moloch, your worship at the altar of the unclean, and you expect Me to bless you- but I will return to you a curse for your sin! A blight for which there is no cure! Your façade of righteousness is a stench unto Me!

 Your sacrifices and your new moons, are false worship that I can no longer stand. Your whirlwind is here- your transformation has begun, and no one can save you from that which is to come!

America, prepare to meet your God in a way you’ve never known, for My anger is kindled against you.

 To My Church, prepare for war- not of sticks and stones but for your souls- for soon your trials and testing’s will increase and the fire of Babylon will test your soul- but be of good courage and abide in Me for I have overcome the world!”

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