The Sigh of a Nation! 7-16-2017

“The Sigh of a Nation!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“Deception and distraction has invaded your land, it is a veil and cloak designed for the darkest of secrets to prevail! More is happening in the recesses of darkness then is being known within the light. For men love darkness more than the light! Therefore, I have given them over to a reprobate mind and heart of deception!

Your nation will sigh for the calamities that will come. Her refusal of Light, Life and Truth will bring darkness, death, and fear! My hour of standing has come, I will judge man for his deeds. His actions will be weighed by My Book! Truth will be his judge and jury! Guilty, will be the verdict for those who reject it (Truth)!

My Song of Deliverance will be sung by My Church! My Redemption will be revealed to those who can see My Hand. There is no veil, cloak or wall that can stop My Immense love for man! Only his heart can stop My Benevolence and Grace

Rise up My Church to your position of true authority! Become revealers of My Glory, the defenders of your faith, and behold Me as I manifest Myself throughout the nations! This is not an hour of reprieve but of repentance!


(Scripture reference for this message is Lamentations 4.) You can listen or watch this message by going to or