The Sword of Islam! 11-12-17

“The Sword of Islam!”

A Prophetic Message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth



“The Sword of Islam is upon the neck of this nation! Your country has been fooled by a false peace. Your government has denied the power of your enemies and the reach of their hate! Blinded by the agenda to dominate, these leaders have blended their source of strength!

The nations of the world will succumb to the Armies of the Anti-Christ and will follow his command! Broken will be the nations that resist!

America, you have failed the test of repentance and restoration, you have given in to the lust of your father. You bare your nakedness without shame, you lie in wait for the next evil to appear!

The hour is here, says your God, that the roots of evil will be exposed and the fruit you will taste will be sorrow! Abandonment will be the cry of so many, but yet My Arms will embrace those who find their way to Me! Be ready My Bride, your redemption and purpose has arrived! For now, the world will see the reason of your existence and they will understand your pleas!”

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