“The Word of the Lord!”

“The Word of the Lord!”
A Prophetic Warning
Pastor Benjamin Faircloth
“America, you are both blind and deaf! I will laugh at your calamites when they come upon you! You rejected righteousness- you rejected the Highway of Holiness for the highway to hell! What more can I say- what more can I do? I sent My Prophets with My Words in their mouths, but you mocked them and labeled them as fools. You led away from Me My Bride and taught Her the ways of Babylon. You clothed her with the fine linen of Egypt- your dainties have caused Her to be deaf! My Church no longer hears- Thus Saith the Lord! She no longer fears the Words of My prophets; but soon she will! For I will roar as a lion through My Prophets and Fear of the Lord will return to My Bride and I will be honored and justified in the midst of it all!”
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