Thin Ice! 11-5-17

“Thin Ice!”

A Prophetic message


Pastor Benjamin Faircloth




“The breaking of America is here! Her foundation has been moved by the sin, and her lust. Exposure is rampant because the hour has come, judgment prevails in the land of wickedness; a people who flaunt their lust with Pagan glee and Babylonian pride!

I will spew you out of My Mouth, you lukewarm and mundane church! You strive for fame and fortune, and you forsake your covenant. My Hour of revelation is here, My Hour of manifestation is here, yet you seek the gods of foreign fathers! You pursue idols carried here from Egypt!

This house (America) is falling! The great house that once sat upon the mountains, a lighthouse for the nations, whose light has gone out!
I have been patient, waiting for My Reward and My Redemption of souls, yet you refuse and reject to work in the whiten fields of harvest. For what(?) you say, our Lord delays His coming and all sin is good! You have likened My Grace, and molded it and fashioned it, to look like a

MAN’S FACE, a false image of who I am and what I offer to those bound and lost!

The time has come for Me to reveal all that is concealed and only judgment is prescribed to a people who refuse to repent of the shame that is before you!

The time has come for your enemies to strike, for fear of greater exposure draws near, and like a hunted animal with no place to run, your enemies will deal a “deafening” blow!


(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 13)

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